Introducing Teams Integration Beta

Happy Teams for Happy Monday's 🚀

We are so excited to finally begin final testing a much requested feature, smpl solutions + Microsoft Teams. This affordable new integration feature is now available as a Beta to interested customers, and smpl internally is now fully live using customer support team for the hardest test.

With this new integration, you can now fully integrate inbound and outbound calling between any smpl Voice feature. This includes Callflows, Ring Groups, Call Center Pro, Find me Follow me, and so much more. SMS and others coming soon.

Using our advanced Callflows App, you can literally use Teams as a phone replacement for everyone-- from Sales Support departments to reaching Sandy in accounting. We're adding up the use cases, and are excited to open this Beta to customers today.

Contact us if you are interested, and we expect this solution to be available to all customers on specific plans shortly.


Update for SDN Network Application (v6.2.25)

Happy Super Networking Day! 🎉

We have a major update planned for our Network Application servers for all customers. You will find a massive overhaul to the User Interface and a billion bug fixes. Because the update is so big, we are posting below.

During the 9pm PST (June 3) to 12am PST (June 4), we'll take servers offline for up to 10 minutes each and may prevent logins on some accounts. Not to worry, no internet will be interrupted, and we'll be monitoring them closely.

Enjoy all the new "new", new-world, and new-networks!!


Updates and Bug Fixes in this Maintenance:

  • Add "Off" setting for Alerts notifications.
  • Add Default and Custom Host fields for Override Inform Host feature (when it’s enabled) in Settings of Network Application running on UniFi OS Console.
  • Split out Device Discovery alerts from Connection/Reconnection alerts.
  • Throttle alerts: only one alert if downlink devices go offline/online.
  • Allow dismissing UDM-Pro banner in dashboard page.
  • Add "Firmware version" column to Devices page and change "Version" to "Firmware Status".
  • Add alert that threat was detected or blocked.
  • Add 'Sign Out' button for Software installation controller.
  • Add USW-Enterprise-24-PoE images.
  • Add USP-RPS panel overview and port diagram.
  • Add status indicators to Clients table.
  • Add date range to Statistics.
  • Add L3 Switch routing support for Static Route.
  • Live update performance improvements in all pages.
  • Improve Statistics page performance.
  • Improve Hotspot form performance.
  • Improve alert client fingerprinting.
  • Remove frequent alerts after 14 days.
  • Update WiFiman Topology in property panel.
  • Update admin role names (Administrator, Site Admin, View only, Hotspot Operator).
  • Update VPN section.
  • Column visibility for Device and Client tables.
  • Save table columns only when leaving page.
  • Updates to side navigation icons.
  • Utilization-bar tooltip style updates.
  • Capitalize MAC and WLAN text used in property panel.
  • Always send connection alert for clients.
  • Move table row actions to forms.
  • Update UAP property panel.
  • Remove survey modals from Dashboard and Settings.
  • Traffic section design updates.
  • Implement Device and Outlets sections for USP-RPS property panel.
  • Fix Up Pkts column header name in Clients table.
  • Fix initial state of PMF Mode.
  • Fix bar chart not aligned with time-series on hour change on Dashboard page.
  • Fix not being able to save any changes in Settings.
  • Fix static routes not provisioned when created from new settings.
  • Fix Dashboard WiFi chart gap and displayed data range.
  • Fix overlapping validation error in Site-to-Site VPN form.
  • Fix settings loading issues for Non-UniFi OS applications.
  • Use application timezone in all places.
  • Hide "Report Wrong Icon" for UniFi devices.
  • Add "Add Internet Connection" for setups with Gateway WAN2 support.
  • Add UBB management VLAN field in property panel.
  • Add debug terminal for USP-PDU-Pro.
  • Add MSCHAP option for VPN settings.
  • Add last used site to path on login.
  • Always show unit for real-time throughput on Dashboard.
  • Fix client bandwidth profile not shown correctly.
  • Fix not working device upgrade action.
  • Fix unnecessary alert when device was reconnected after backup.
  • Fix issue saving static route with interface type.
  • Fix backup restore from different UDM type.
  • Fix AP unknown state after saving changes.
  • Fix Network Isolation validation error.
  • Fix initial state of Internet form values.
  • Fix form validation and submission in UBB property panel.
  • Fix device adoption from toast link.
  • Fix displaying inconsistent port names.
  • Fix returning list of L2TP VPN clients on UDM.
  • Fix pinch to zoom in Topology in Safari.
  • Fix Dashboard active clients total to represent selected timeframe.
  • Fix admin login for self-hosted controllers.
  • Fix inter-vlan network IP assignment order.
  • Fix missing historical statistics for UDM wan port.
  • Fix Statistics "Total Traffic" section's responsive style.
  • Fix Statistics not loading on Standalone Controller.
  • Fix redirect to Downlink device's property panel.
  • Fix redirect to Uplink device's property panel.
  • Fix realtime usage from jittering around in Dashboard.
  • Fix missing ports and wrong port status tooltip text when disconnecting devices.
  • Fix creating L2TP VPN network.
  • Fix Hotspot Manager account login.
  • Fix bar alignment in WiFi Experience graph on the Dashboard page.
  • Fix size of WiFi Experience graph when Dashboard page loads.
  • Fix showing hyphen for undefined uplink device.
  • Fix Site-to-Site VPN with OpenVPN Protocol.
  • Fix validation and opening existing VPN settings.
  • Fix duplicated uplink/downlink in clients grid view.
  • Fix displaying "Uplink" accordion with no uplink device data.
  • Fix topology duplicates and improve expansion in WiFiman results.
  • Fix missing WiFi Experience in client history.
  • Fix Blocked Traffic direction dropdown.
  • Fix Uplink / Downlink for Client and Device.
  • Fix total sections on Statistics page.
  • Fix displaying speed test results.
  • Fix time format in Dashboard WiFi Experience chart.
  • Fix missing WAN activity for UDM.
  • Fix issue where wired clients do not show IP address.
  • Fix opening Hotspot Manager for non-default sites.
  • Recognize Cloud Key on Dashboard on UniFi OS without Gateway.
  • Adjust spacing for Icon in Update Available button.
  • Adjust statistics update frequency.
  • Update displaying Experience in topology in WiFiman results.
  • Update devices and clients page filtering logic.
  • Update Experience in Client Table.
  • Update Experience in Client and Device Property Panel.
  • Disable Push Notification for Threat Detection and Prevention Alert Type by default.
  • Hide utilization if no gateway is connected and update displayed info on dashboard.
  • Hide experience graph for wired clients.
  • Update logic in device state filter.
  • Update internet icon in topology in WiFiman results.
  • Disable adopt button while adopting.
  • Prevent Vlan Only vlans from being generated for disabled SFP+ interfaces.
  • Prevent selecting the same LAN network group on USG port remapping forms.
  • Do not send device disconnect alert while doing auto backups.
  • Device, Clients table column style update.
  • Update app's header styling.
  • Change 'Air Stats' to 'Radios' in RF section.
  • Improve ISP info validation in Dashboard page for UCKP.
  • Enable Cloud Email for Email Alerts when cloud access is enabled and SMTP is disabled.
  • Show WAN port table for UDM in Property Panel.
  • Remove dark lines from navigation panel and top bar in Dashboard.
  • Remove Analytics toggle from Controller settings for UniFi OS setups.
  • Remove anomalies in wireless devices/clients property panel, update no WiFi experience text.
  • Remove invalid subscription Toast when forgetting U-LTE Pro.
  • Present default table columns if there is a mismatch in saved configuration.
  • Bring back devices page table experience column colored icons.
  • Show WiFi experience for InWall APs and UDM in Devices table.
  • Display Notes and Bandwidth profiles in New User Interface.
  • Disable 'Forget Device' option for UDM and UDM-Pro.

Update for Voice Platform (v4.3.207)

We're conducting an overnight maintenance this evening to update our Voice Platform. Expected update include several UI improvements, better Safari support, and fixing other little bugs and gremlins.

The maintenance is scheduled from 9pm PST to 2am (PST) and there will be no impact to customers. 


Updated Voice Apps for iOS and Android (v.1.8.1)

With Spring in the air, and Summer around the corner, we've updated our Voice Apps for iOS and Android just for you. We've mostly squashed little bugs, but we have improved a few improvements too:

  • Better Background Support (iOS and Android)
  • Enhanced Audio Support for OPUS (iOS and Android)
  • iOS 14.5 Compatibility
  • and more

Our updates are App Store approved and ready to download today.


US-West Data Center Issue (Resolved)

This evening our US-West Data Center experienced an unplanned outage, and our team locally and remotely are engaged. We've made some changes to intentionally remove this data center from our network, and no customer are impacted. Updates below:

723 pm PST
Initial automated reports of an outage were detected, and the team immediately initiated changes that minimize any broader trouble. Some customers were impacted and our portal was down for a few minutes. No additional impact is expected.

730 pm PST
Data Center acknowledged degraded networking issues and is investigating. Customers and services are not impacted, and we'll continue to update until resolved.

755pm PST
Our Data Center team has confirmed restoration of network and routing changes. Customer are not impacted. We'll continue to monitor and report on full resolution.

820pm PST
This issue is now resolved, and we've restored US-West back to normal operations.

12am PST (Tuesday)
We've completed a maintenance to our US-West to further test our earlier fix, and updated how our API route in certain failover situations.


7 New Ways to Contact Us for Help

A little while back we extended support hours everyday, added more support staff, and new weekend support. The response has been amazing. 🎉

Today, we’re adding fun new ways to connect with our teams... While you can always call or email (hard enough for our competition even there), we challenged the team to think differently and made it even simpler to reach us where you are.

What does that mean? Well let’s say you are enjoying social media, and message us there— we'll reply. Say you are on-the-go and text us— just send for human help. In fact, today we are adding 7 new ways to help you! Talk to us via:

  • Text: 805-500-smpl
  • Facebook: @teamsmplco
  • Twitter: @teamsmplco
  • WhatsApp: 805-500-smpl
  • Line: @teamsmplco
  • Telegram: @teamsmplco
  • Slack:

Just message anywhere, and support Super Heroes will be there to assist. You can learn more on our Contact page too.


Update for Voice Platform (v4.3.139)

We're conducting an overnight maintenance this evening to update our Voice Platform. Expected update include several UI improvements, better Safari support, and fixing other little bugs and gremlins.

The maintenance is scheduled from 9pm PST to 2am (PST) and there will be no impact to customers. 


Expanded Support Hours, now 7 Days a Week

We know contacting customer support for any company is a rare moment of joy. At smpl, we are continuing to invest in new support experiences like "live chat", video support, remote sharing, and more.

Starting today, we're expanding our support hours for phone, email, and chat from weekdays to 7 days a week. We're also adding additional hours to weekdays to serve you even better. Our expanded hours are:

Monday - Friday: 7am to 9pm (PST)
Saturday - Sunday: 7am to 2pm (PST)

More time to help you, when you need it. #keepitsmpl

Update for SDN Managed Network (v6.1.71)

Happy "Advanced Wednesday"!

We've loaded some fresh code for into our SDN public and private Managed Network server, and fixed some small bugs. Some of the new to look forward to:

- Add new look and feel for all pages
Add new Alerts and Alert Settings
Update Push Notifications and Emails templates
Add WPA3 support
Add alert for Client roaming from AP to another AP
Add "Clear Filter" buttons when no content is displayed in Client and Device section
Add port aggregation fields in device port in Property Panel
Add redirect from speedtest to WAN form
Update Client and Device NoContent component
Enable Cloud mail provider when enabling remote access
Improve Client Page performance
Preserve Uplink between controller restarts or when device becomes disconnected
Update metric suffixes used in Devices and Clients page

Your systems are already automatically updated with this new version, so be sure to refresh your cache... If you have any questions, just reach our friendly team.


Product Update for Mtgs (v1.2)

Available today is our refreshed "smpl Mtgs" service, free for all customers and friends. Check it out at with someone today.

New features include:
- Lobby Mode
- Enhanced Encryption
- Improved Browser Support (Safari and Edge)
- "Mute All" Participants
- Pass Moderator Role
- Embed Meetings in a webpage/email (or anyplace with HTML)
- Sneak Peak at updated Private Servers
- Sneak Peak are our upcoming Dialing Features
- Sneak Peak at Meeting Recording
- Refreshed Welcome Page and more

Our iOS and Android Apps are already updated too. Enjoy!


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