Update for SDN Managed Network (v6.1.71)

Happy "Advanced Wednesday"!

We've loaded some fresh code for into our SDN public and private Managed Network server, and fixed some small bugs. Some of the new to look forward to:

- Add new look and feel for all pages
Add new Alerts and Alert Settings
Update Push Notifications and Emails templates
Add WPA3 support
Add alert for Client roaming from AP to another AP
Add "Clear Filter" buttons when no content is displayed in Client and Device section
Add port aggregation fields in device port in Property Panel
Add redirect from speedtest to WAN form
Update Client and Device NoContent component
Enable Cloud mail provider when enabling remote access
Improve Client Page performance
Preserve Uplink between controller restarts or when device becomes disconnected
Update metric suffixes used in Devices and Clients page

Your systems are already automatically updated with this new version, so be sure to refresh your cache... If you have any questions, just reach our friendly team.


Product Update for Mtgs (v1.2)

Available today is our refreshed "smpl Mtgs" service, free for all customers and friends. Check it out at https://mtgs.smpl.co with someone today.

New features include:
- Lobby Mode
- Enhanced Encryption
- Improved Browser Support (Safari and Edge)
- "Mute All" Participants
- Pass Moderator Role
- Embed Meetings in a webpage/email (or anyplace with HTML)
- Sneak Peak at updated Private Servers
- Sneak Peak are our upcoming Dialing Features
- Sneak Peak at Meeting Recording
- Refreshed Welcome Page and more

Our iOS and Android Apps are already updated too. Enjoy!


Updated Msgs iOS and Android App (v3)

We're always looking to make our Apps faster and better. Today we are launching v3 of our Apps specifically focused on SMS/MMS notifications on all platforms. Like Web, you'll now get native notifications-- just like other Apps.

While hacking away, we've also updated our Web App to support quicker loading of larger users, and more control over Drips and Auto-Responders. (also in Apps!!)

Update in your favorite App Store starting today.


Three4More - smpl Donates 3% of Profits

Hey team and smpl family.

It's been a long year with covid, and has weighed heavily. We get the pleasure to serving customers in more areas than a single post can have, and I am PROUD of the work the #teamsmplco has done to respond to the time-- and our people.

I've personally lost loved ones these past few moments (some still struggling), and miss the times our teams and partners came together to serve. So this morning, I am sharing that smpl will now donate 3% of our profits to different causes of need. Quarter after quarter, year after year.

We'll document our stories at smpl.co/three4more and work with other businesses to join us and share their journey to giving back too. 

Please join us,


Chris Meadows
CEO, Founder
smpl // smpl.co

Enhanced Calling to Puerto Rico

We've updated how we connect calls to Puerto Rico making call connections faster, clearer, and much improved consistency in call completions.

During an overnight maintenance we removed some previous "carriers" we've used to connect your calls as PR upgrades it's telecommunications networks post-Maria, and hope you'll enjoy more talk time with family and friends.


Public IPs now available for Connectivity (4G/LTE)

We've upgraded our Connectivity 4G/LTE wireless network product to support Public IPs for all users on our V1 network. Public IPs are useful to gain full private/public connection for business applications, servers, cameras, and more.

Most cellular providers do not provide a Public IPs, and thus are limited to allow certain traffic and firewalls. With this enhancement we now offer the same quality connection and access as you would a direct business internet connection.

Public IPs are available now through our support at help@smpl.co or 844-404-smpl.


Introducing Updates (Official Changelog)

At smpl we are always looking for ways to communicate new features, updates, and issues to our customers. Over the years we've tried to do this in our Help Center, Blog, and Newsletters... and they just never fit well.

So we're starting fresh with a single place to publish big and small updates just for you. We'll also update about service issues, and the frequent improvements that usually go unnoticed.

Leave feedback, stay connected, and be sure to subscribe with your email for instant notifications. 🚀


Introducing Voicemail Transcriptions

We’re excited to add a small new feature, that’s been a big request over the years… Voicemail Transcriptions! Now available for all customer free of charge on all plans, you can now get instant Voicemail messages typed out for you just after being left. We’ll still include the recording file of course, but you’ll now find a new “Transcription” section in our email notifications. (and Voicemail App in Voice Platform too!)

To activate, simply login to Voice Platform and enable transcribe in your SmartPBX’s User settings or in Call Flows Advanced under Voicemail Boxes.

Need help or have a question? Our support team can also help here or with any other issue vis chat, help@smpl.co, or a call to (844) 404-smpl.


Introducing Call Center Pro – Intelligent Routing, Queues, and Reporting

We’re excited to announce our next big feature… Call Center Pro 💥. With CCP you’ll have access to our all-new routing intelligence, advanced agent escalation, enhanced queues, real-time reporting, integrations and more. (and a shiny new Voice App) This is an awesome enhancement for teams that need a little more Call Center but without the complexity and cost of tools like AWS Connect. Here’s some the great new features:

💡 Routing Intelligence – Route calls based on most idle time, least offers made, skills, and more.

🛠 Advanced Escalations – Create rules for call handling escalations, managers, music, and more.

🏁 Enhanced Queues – Spruce up for call queues with music, in line announcements, wait time, and more.

🏆 Real-time Reporting – Dashboard, performance, and real-time analytics on your calls.

🌏 Integrations – With support for Webhooks, connect to Zapier for 2000+ integrations.

Ready to take your teams and inbound calls to the next level, schedule a free demo today at 844-404-smpl or via chat below. ↘️